September 2010

In again for the winter

We relocated the Tiki Bar inside to the basement for the winter. The ceiling was too low for the canopy so only the bar itself was moved.


May 2010

Relocating Day

The Tiki Bar was moved back outside for the 2010 season. The Tiki Bar was relocated on the patio to make more room for an additional patio table and chairs.


September 26,2009

Moving Day

The Tiki Bar was moved inside for the season to escape the ravages of the winter. No worries though, the bar was stocked and is ready for action.


Aloha! Welcome To Our Tiki Mug Collection

As part of the Tiki Bar experience, we have been collecting a few Tiki Mugs along the way.

A good Tiki drink is not complete without a proper mug to provide the classic exotica effect.


Click on the Tiki Mug to visit our Tiki Mug Gallery.



Tiki Mug